The Lost Cause Series


This is a collection of studies on those issues that divide Christians but should not, and on those issues that Christians should take a bold stand on but will not....

Victorious Christian Living


In the first 24 hours that this book was available on this web store, there were 215 copies sold in 28 orders on 2 continents. It is a message that...

That Blessed Hope: Teaching and Defending the Doctrine of the Rapture of the Church


The purposes for this book are both simple and essential. First, it sets forth a most thorough treatment of the Biblical truth regarding the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to take...

From Where I Stand


The Personal Testimony of James W. Knox and a history of THE BIBLE Baptist Church and the many ministries thereof. • Fifty years of life • Thirty years a Christian...

Tire Tracks - True Stories of Childhood, Adventure, Exploration


These are tales about what it means to learn of life and death and trust and companionship, as seen through the eyes of two boys, who from the age of...

Gather The Fragments Photo Book and DVD


This book of photos and DVD show what the Gather The Fragments Bible Mission is doing in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The proceeds from the sale of this item go...