About This Store

Payment Methods Accepted

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the confusion and administrative work required, we no longer accept cash, check or money orders for products offered on our web store. 

Our store accepts all major credit cards, and you do not have to have a PayPal account to use your credit card. You will need to click the PayPal button to pay on the main checkout page, but then you will be given the option to choose to "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" on the pop-up screen.

Once this is clicked, you can do a guest checkout

Is this a Business or a Ministry?

We are a ministry, not a business. Our work is done by volunteers and we do all in our power to keep our costs at a minimum. It is not possible for persons in Third-World nations to pay for their study materials, and those missionaries and native pastors abroad (whom we most desire to serve) have no funds to spare. Also, there are many in the USA who cannot afford the study materials they desire and we do not believe God would have us deny them the opportunity to learn. Therefore, we ask that all who are able send as much as they can afford to help with the expense of the work. The prices shown here reflect our cost to produce the items.

If you would like to help to send materials to others who cannot afford them, you may make an online donation to THE BIBLE Baptist Church at https://biblebaptistdeland.churchcenter.com/giving.

If you honestly cannot send funds to cover the cost of your order, we will still send the materials you desire. We want you to grow in grace and knowledge.
This web site cannot process requests for materials without a donation. Free (i.e., no donation) materials can be requested by writing to: THE BIBLE Baptist Church of DeLand 872 Glenwood Road DeLand, FL 32720 USA

Processing Requests for Free Materials

As of October, 2006, The Bible Baptist Church of DeLand has printed 31 book titles and a total of 252,000 books; we have distributed 1,780,000 cassette tapes; and 85,000 music CDs have been sent out. We have had responses from 116 nations and all 50 states. Much of what we send out is sent with nothing donated by those who have requested materials. God has always provided the means to pay for these Bible study materials. Mass-mailings are done to process the many requests for general Bible study materials we receive - primarily from overseas. Requests for specific materials are processed differently. It is always a joy to work together like this to help spread The Gospel.

Requesting materials using this web site

This web site is set up for those who wish to request and donate for books, CDs, and other Bible study materials using a credit card. Orders placed through this site typically have a faster turn-around time than those placed through the mail. If you would rather order directly from the church, please check the on-line book store and make a list of what you would like, along with the price. Please contact us by email at BibleBaptistChurch@gmail.com if you have any questions. We use PayPal for processing credit card orders. Since we have a business account, you do NOT need to have a PayPal account - you can simply use your credit card just as you would with any other on-line payment.

Quantity Discounts

Starting Friday, September 28, 2018, the following volume discounts apply towards purchases of Brother James’ books. This only applies to orders containing multiple quantities of the same book.
    • 5% off quantities of 10-19 
    • 10% off quantities of 20-29 
    • 15% off quantities of 30-49
    • 20% off quantities of 50–999
    • 30% off quantities of 1000 or more

These discounts will be credited after the sale manually to the payment method you used to checkout. Discounts will not appear in the shopping cart prior to sale or on your receipt. To ensure your volume discount credit is issued, please contact us  with your name and order number.

Orders already received prior to 9/28/2018 are not eligible for the volume discount credit, and we reserve the right to discontinue the discount program at any time.

Free Shipping Offers

Since we are not a business, there are costs to package, ship and mail items from our store to you, which are included in your order total. At times, we may offer Free Shipping on select items.

There currently is a free shipping offer for single copies of "A Biblical Course in Witnessing". Note that for multiple copies of "A Biblical Course in Witnessing", standard shipping rates will apply.

without having to set up or have a PayPal account.