Christ-Honoring Commentary on REVELATION


NEW VERSION In this volume of The Christ-Honoring Commentary Series, Pastor James Knox sets forth a word-by-word commentary on the entire book of Revelation. Minute detail and clear explanation of every verse...

DSB Standard Class - Correspondence Course Tuition

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DeLand School of THE BIBLE Standard correspondence course. This is for standard classes taught, livestreamed and recorded in the classroom. Please DO NOT include any other items (such as books...

That Blessed Hope: Teaching and Defending the Doctrine of the Rapture of the Church


The purposes for this book are both simple and essential. First, it sets forth a most thorough treatment of the Biblical truth regarding the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to take...

Holy Women


Thirty lessons taken from the pages of the word of God to enable individuals, groups or Sunday School classes to understand the Biblical truths which enable women of all ages...

Understand the Scriptures: Rightly Dividing Reconsidered


NOTE: This book was formerly named The Law and Rightly Dividing the Word Reconsidered. The content is the same, with only minor editing changes. At this point, all copies ordered are...

DSB Church Service Class - Correspondence Course Tuition


DeLand School of THE BIBLE Church Service correspondence course. This is for classes taught as a part of scheduled church services at THE BIBLE Baptist Church in DeLand, Florida. Please...

The Fruit of the Spirit


Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; these are all attributes of the one true God. It is because our Lord is of such a holy character that...

New Testament Survey


An overview of each book of our New testament, pointing out their key doctrines, peculiar emphasis and devotional highlights, in addition to providing a wealth of sermon and study material....

Victorious Christian Living


In the first 24 hours that this book was available on this web store, there were 215 copies sold in 28 orders on 2 continents. It is a message that...

Search The Scriptures


This book contains the outlines and studies prepared by Brother James from which many of the courses in The Deland School of THE BIBLE are taught. Each of these 156...

By Definition


Brother James holds earned degrees in English and Journalism and has used this background, along with his extensive library to put together a virtual text book on the language of...

Old Testament Survey


This work presents an overview of each of the thirty-nine books of our Old Testament, pointing out their key doctrines, peculiar points of emphasis and devotional highlights, in addition to...