Christ-Honoring Commentary on TITUS


This volume is not only an in-depth study of the third pastoral epistle but a consideration of the dangers of Bible revision. It includes as an appendix the booklet on...

Christ-Honoring Commentary on GENESIS


Volume five of The Christ-Honoring Commentary Series contains 366 daily readings providing insightful exposition extensive outlines, seed thoughts and devotional essays on the book of Genesis. Here are extended looks...

Christ-Honoring Commentary on ZECHARIAH


A verse by verse exposition of the most difficult book in the Holy Bible. Clear, concise commentary, a wealth of prophetic insight and numerous studies on the person and work...

ENGLISH VERSION - The Essence of Christianity Booklet Tract

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Pricing includes free shipping in the domestic United States only. For orders to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories, or international orders, shipping costs will apply. Please contact us for an estimate of shipping...

ENGLISH VERSION - Christ-Honoring Commentary on JONAH


A verse by verse look at the book about the least of all prophets who witnessed the greatest revival in history. Doctrinal, yet devotional; practical, yet weighty; this is a...

Christ-Honoring Commentary on MALACHI


Four hundred years before the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, Malachi set forth God's grievances against the nation of Israel. In the book of Matthew we see that not...

A Biblical Course in Witnessing (Free Shipping)


Our new book is part of the curriculum at The DeLand School of THE BIBLE. It contains twenty-nine lessons instructing the student in the Biblical doctrines of New Testament evangelism...

Jesus Christ: Your Best Choice Tract (Package of 100)


Package of 100 tracts. Just in time for the political season. The biggest decision anyone will make this November (or any time for that matter) is to put their faith...

Coexist Tract (Package of 100)

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Package of 100 tracts.  The Coexist tract is a great tool for those who sincerely ask, "can't we all just get along?". The clever use of symbols tells the story...

From Where I Stand


The Personal Testimony of James W. Knox and a history of THE BIBLE Baptist Church and the many ministries thereof. • Fifty years of life • Thirty years a Christian...

How to Study and Teach The BIBLE (CD)


Nine lessons from the DeLand School of The Bible classes (2007) on the ways to approach Bible study and how to teach The Bible.

Tire Tracks - True Stories of Childhood, Adventure, Exploration


These are tales about what it means to learn of life and death and trust and companionship, as seen through the eyes of two boys, who from the age of...