The Fruit of the Spirit


Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; these are all attributes of the one true God. It is because our Lord is of such a holy character that...

How to Study and Teach The BIBLE (CD)


Nine lessons from the DeLand School of The Bible classes (2007) on the ways to approach Bible study and how to teach The Bible.

KJV Issues, Vol. 1 (CD)


20 hours of teaching on the history of the Authorized King James Version, including the lineage and history of other "versions". This CD includes 14 pages of notes and diagrams....

Happy Holidays (CD)


Are you bold enough? Do you really love the truth? Fourteen lessons on Christmas, Easter and Halloween. 0908 - 0918

Sects, Cults, and Heresies, Vol. 7 (CD)


Sixteen lessons on Calvinism.

Survey of The Bible (CD)


Fifty radio programs presenting the theme, highlights, key words and doctrines of every book in the Bible. New Testament Survey 142-53 Old Testament Survey 347-59

Essential Doctrines, Vol. 1 (CD)


Thirty-four messages on the foundational truths of Biblical Christianity. The Doctrine of God 1-24 0154-65 The God of Glory 0014 The Attributes of God 0024 The Doctrine of the Trinity...

Essential Doctrines, Vol. 3 (CD)


Twenty sermons on rightly dividing the Word of God. Rightly Dividing 0561-70 1537 OT Scriptures In NT Life 1484 The Gap in Mark 5 1456 Lord’s Table vs. Lord’s Supper...

Essential Doctrines, Vol. 2 (CD)


Twenty sermons on the foundational truths of Biblical Christianity. Genesis Chapter 3 0522-36 1554 Back To The Book 1426 The Resurrection Of Jesus 1611 The Sinlessness Of Jesus 1566 The...

Biblical Science Vol. 1 (CD)


Thirty-seven sermons and radio lessons on Creationism and the creation. The God of Creation (1-22) The Gap Theory The Underworld The Continental Drift Theory Earth, Center of the Universe

Pastoral Matters (CD)


11 Sermons on matters relating to Pastors. Leading Vs. Driving 1515 Stewards, A Message For Preachers 1555 Preparation and Delivery of Sermons 360-362 Pastoral Authority 1631 Mild and Meat of...

Biblical Doctrine of The Holy Spirit (CD)


Recorded in The DeLand School of The Bible, this is the complete study of all that the scripture teaches on the matter. 0456 - 0469, 0046