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2018 Youth Rally "Grow Up" T-Shirt


Free shipping! T-shirts from our recent Youth Rally. Limited sizes available, so first come first served. (If the Add to Cart button is not active, it means that combination of...

That Blessed Hope: Teaching and Defending the Doctrine of the Rapture of the Church


The purposes for this book are both simple and essential. First, it sets forth a most thorough treatment of the Biblical truth regarding the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to take...

Holy Women


Thirty lessons taken from the pages of the word of God to enable individuals, groups or Sunday School classes to understand the Biblical truths which enable women of all ages...

Overcoming (Music CD)


New music CD from James Knox.  Looking for a downloadable MP3 version?You can also purchase individual tracks or the entire CD in downloadable MP3 format. Track List Dead End Road [4:32] Be Not...

A Sure Foundation


Here we explain the attributes of the Lord our God. It differs from our other books in this regard, while it contains the same sound, detailed Bible teaching, it is...

The Lost Cause Series

$8.00 Sold Out

This is a collection of studies on those issues that divide Christians but should not, and on those issues that Christians should take a bold stand on but will not....

Victorious Christian Living


In the first 24 hours that this book was available on this web store, there were 215 copies sold in 28 orders on 2 continents. It is a message that...

Happy Holidays (CD)


Are you bold enough? Do you really love the truth? Fourteen lessons on Christmas, Easter and Halloween. 0908 - 0918

Overcoming (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

From $1.00

Digital downloads for the new music album from James Knox. Track List Dead End Road [4:32] Be Not Afraid [5:16] Only Christ [2:38] After All The Times (slow) [7:18] Jesus...

Pastoral Epistles (CD)


A detailed overview of 1st and 2nd Timothy and Titus. DSB fall 2015.

Victorious Christian Living (CD)


Forty-four sermons showing how to maintain the triumphant life Jesus intends for His saints.

Nahum (CD)


Seven hours of teaching on the book of Nahum.