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Christ-Honoring Commentary on The Book of Romans - Volume 1


There is more glorious truth in the book of Romans than the heart can hold. It is God’s grand presentation to man of our lost condition, the Lord’s provision for...

ENGLISH VERSION - Signs, Wonders, and Miracles


This is a complete scriptural evaluation of the phenomenon of tongues and slaying in the spirit, as well as a detailed exposition of the Biblical doctrine of sickness and healing....

By Definition


Brother James holds earned degrees in English and Journalism and has used this background, along with his extensive library to put together a virtual text book on the language of...

Christ-Honoring Commentary on The Book of Jude


Jude set out to write of the salvation common to all believers, but the Holy Spirit had other ideas. Instead, he was directed to write explicit warnings about those who would...

Understanding the Old Testament


Each book of the Old Testament is examined, providing the reader with the theme, main truths, key passages, and important words. The intent is to give those who love the...

Biblical Evangelism

From $5.00

NOTE: For quantity discounts on this book ($2.50 per book) you can order in boxes of 20. Select "Box of 20" on the Quantity drop-down list and then select the number...

The Humanity of Christ


New updated cover With clarity and close attention to detail Brother James takes the reader through the many fascinating doctrinal and spiritual wonders connected with the Son of God becoming...

Christ-Honoring Commentary on REVELATION


NEW VERSION In this volume of The Christ-Honoring Commentary Series, Pastor James Knox sets forth a word-by-word commentary on the entire book of Revelation. Minute detail and clear explanation of every verse...

Understanding Prophecy: The Christ-Honoring Commentary Series


NEW! In this newest volume of The Christ-Honoring Commentary Series, Pastor James Knox sets forth a chronological presentation of God’s plan for the end of the ages. Understanding Prophecy contains a concise yet thorough...

Daniel (CD)


This is the CD version. Also available as an .mp3 download. 32 lessons on the Book of Daniel, preached May through August, 2021 Purpose in Heart Serving Under Bad Circumstances Wise Children That...

Jesus Christ: Your Best Choice Tract (Package of 100)


Package of 100 tracts. Just in time for the political season. The biggest decision anyone will make this November (or any time for that matter) is to put their faith...

Bridge Tract (Package of 100)


Package of 100 tracts in new size.