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ENGLISH VERSION - Signs, Wonders, and Miracles


This is a complete scriptural evaluation of the phenomenon of tongues and slaying in the spirit, as well as a detailed exposition of the Biblical doctrine of sickness and healing....

Fascinating Truths


Agreed, that is a bold title, but the topics here, diligently researched and clearly expounded from the word of God will captivate the inquisitive reader. Covered in this book are...

Holy Women


Thirty lessons taken from the pages of the word of God to enable individuals, groups or Sunday School classes to understand the Biblical truths which enable women of all ages...

Victorious Christian Living


In the first 24 hours that this book was available on this web store, there were 215 copies sold in 28 orders on 2 continents. It is a message that...

Overcoming (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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Digital downloads for the new music album from James Knox. Track List Dead End Road [4:32] Be Not Afraid [5:16] Only Christ [2:38] After All The Times (slow) [7:18] Jesus...

Avenue Hotel (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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Downloadable version of Avenue Hotel—the latest music CD by James W Knox. It contains fourteen original songs and is produced by Casey Harr. Track List Woman at the Well [3:23]...

Prisoners of Hope (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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Downloadable version of the CD, Prisoners of Hope, by James W. Knox. In 2003 we set to work on Prisoners of Hope.  A number of things were happening at this...

Bright Arrows (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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Download the full album or individual tracks from Bright Arrows—a music album by James W. Knox. Track List Any Old Bush Will Do [4:24] Will It Stand? [3:42] All of...

The Desert of the Sea (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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Download the full album or individual tracks from The Desert of the Sea—a music album by James W. Knox. Track List Jesus Knows My Name [2:51] The Secret of the Lord...

Love Songs from the Grassy Knoll (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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How can you blame me for this? I don’t set out to write songs. They just arrive and I pass them on. This collection of lyrics and the tunes which...

All That Remains (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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Download the full album or individual tracks from All That Remains—a music album by James W. Knox. Track List Hanging on a Tree [5:07] Come Away [3:04] Jesus Wonderful Friend...

Genesis 3 - 2017 (MP3 Downloads)

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Digital downloads for the Genesis 3 (2017) CD. Track List Rules for Bible Study [1:03:46]  God in Genesis 3 [47:21]  The Serpent [53:11]  The Nature of Sin [51:22] The First...