Overcoming (Music CD)


New music CD from James Knox.  Looking for a downloadable MP3 version?You can also purchase individual tracks or the entire CD in downloadable MP3 format. Track List Dead End Road [4:32] Be Not...

Avenue Hotel (Music CD)


Avenue Hotel is the latest music CD by James W Knox. It contains fourteen original songs and is produced by Casey Harr. You can also purchase individual tracks or the entire...

Prisoners of Hope (Music CD)


In 2003 we set to work on Prisoners of Hope.  A number of things were happening at this time that were crushing my spirit.  Our church experienced over twenty deaths...

Bright Arrows (Music CD)


This is the album that was brought to the birth but could not be delivered. I recorded the rhythm and timing tracks for this collection with Charlie McEntyre in Mt....

All That Remains (Music CD)


For our second CD we tried to expand the sound. Ed and Charlie were back with their guitars. Lilian did some work with her mandolin. Bryan Reese added some fine...

The Desert of the Sea (Music CD)


This collection of songs was recorded in 2001 for the purpose of witnessing to my childhood and school days pals. I was saved the winter following my high school graduation....