That Which is Perfect (MP3 Download)


Sermon preached 5/24/2015 by James Knox

Church Checkup (MP3 Download)


Sermon preached 7/24/2016 by James Knox

Bright Arrows (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

From $0.99

Download the full album or individual tracks from Bright Arrows—a music album by James W. Knox. Track List Any Old Bush Will Do [4:24] Will It Stand? [3:42] All of...

The Four Gospels (MP3 Download)


A series of 24 lessons comparing and contrasting the Gospel books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John by Pastor James W. Knox. Taught in the 2009 Spring Semester at The DeLand School...

Drunkenness (MP3 Download)


Message delivered 5/28/2015 by Chris RileyTHE BIBLE Baptist Church

Daniel (MP3 Download)


This is the downloadable version. Also available as a physical CD copy. A series of 32 lessons expositing the Book of Daniel verse by verse. Taught by Pastor James W. Knox during services...

Response to the Supreme Court Ruling on Homosexual Marriage (MP3 Download)


Sermon preached 6/28/2015 by James Knox

Gentiles Without Christ (MP3 Download)


Sermon preached 12/8/2011 by James Knox

Mark 8 (MP3 Download)


Mark 8:34 – 9:29 Sermon preached 3/25/2012 by James Knox

When the Power Goes Out (MP3 Download)


Sermon preached 10/9/2016 by James Knox. This message followed in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, the southernmost Category 5 Atlantic hurricane on record in DeLand, FL.

God Was Not Well Pleased (MP3 Download)


Sermon preached 2/26/2015 by James W. Knox