The Desert of the Sea (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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Download the full album or individual tracks from The Desert of the Sea—a music album by James W. Knox. Track List Jesus Knows My Name [2:51] The Secret of the Lord...

Love Songs from the Grassy Knoll (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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How can you blame me for this? I don’t set out to write songs. They just arrive and I pass them on. This collection of lyrics and the tunes which...

Genesis 3 - 2017 (MP3 Downloads)

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Digital downloads for the Genesis 3 (2017) CD. Track List Rules for Bible Study [1:03:46]  God in Genesis 3 [47:21]  The Serpent [53:11]  The Nature of Sin [51:22] The First...

Wonders of The Word (MP3 Downloads)

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Digital downloads for the Wonders of The Word CD. Track List Time Travel [47:51]  What Jesus Learned [50:32]  The Upper and Nether Springs [51:46]  Roll the Dice [52:28] What About the Heathen? [1:07:46] Jabin -...

Water Miracles (MP3 Downloads)

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Digital downloads for the Water Miracles series. Track List The Creation of Water [1:03:33] The First Flood [1:04:04] The Flood of Satan's World [58:18] The Woman at the Well [40:57]...

Converted (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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Digital downloads for the new music album Converted by James W. Knox. For song histories and lyrics, visit Musicians Andy Leftwich: Guitar, Mandolin, ViolinTravis Alltop: GuitarBlake Muscott: Guitar, Mandolin, DobroCaleb Wilson: Guitar, Bass, BanjoLauren Kirwan: ViolinRebekah Thoma: Tin...