Temptation (MP3 Download)


Sermon preached 3/15/2015 by James Knox

That Which is Perfect (MP3 Download)


Sermon preached 5/24/2015 by James Knox

THE BIBLE Baptist Church Position on Christmas (MP3 Download)


Sunday School teaching from December 18, 2016James Knox

The Essence of Christianity (MP3 Download)


This sermon was delivered Sunday morning, November 30, 2008 by Brother James Knox at THE BIBLE Baptist Church. It was so well received that we printed it into a booklet...

The Rapture (MP3 Download)


Sermon preached 2/7/2016 by James Knox

When the Power Goes Out (MP3 Download)


Sermon preached 10/9/2016 by James Knox. This message followed in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, the southernmost Category 5 Atlantic hurricane on record in DeLand, FL.

The Thief On the Cross (MP3 Download)


Luke 23 A little portion of God's word that is quite honestly the answer to everything. Sermon preached 7/15/2015 by James Knox.

Genesis 3 - 2017 (MP3 Downloads)

From $1.00

Digital downloads for the Genesis 3 (2017) CD. Track List Rules for Bible Study [1:03:46]  God in Genesis 3 [47:21]  The Serpent [53:11]  The Nature of Sin [51:22] The First...

Wonders of The Word (MP3 Downloads)

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Digital downloads for the Wonders of The Word CD. Track List Time Travel [47:51]  What Jesus Learned [50:32]  The Upper and Nether Springs [51:46]  Roll the Dice [52:28] What About the Heathen? [1:07:46] Jabin -...

Water Miracles (MP3 Downloads)

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Digital downloads for the Water Miracles series. Track List The Creation of Water [1:03:33] The First Flood [1:04:04] The Flood of Satan's World [58:18] The Woman at the Well [40:57]...

God Was Not Well Pleased (MP3 Download)


Sermon preached 2/26/2015 by James W. Knox

Converted (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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Digital downloads for the new music album Converted by James W. Knox. For song histories and lyrics, visit Musicians Andy Leftwich: Guitar, Mandolin, ViolinTravis Alltop: GuitarBlake Muscott: Guitar, Mandolin, DobroCaleb Wilson: Guitar, Bass, BanjoLauren Kirwan: ViolinRebekah Thoma: Tin...