2011 Bible Conference: 2 Thessalonians (CD)


Randy Newcomer, Brent Logan, Rick Baker, Joel Logan, Scott Suttle, Rob Carlson.

2010 Bible Conference: The Body of Christ (CD)


Randy Newcomer, Rick Baker, Joe Cammilleri, Joel Logan, Rob Carlson, Scott Suttle.

2009 Bible Conference: 1 Thessalonians (CD)


Rob Carlson, Randy Newcomer, Tommy Baucom, Rick Baker, Scott Suttle, Melvin Daniel, Joel Logan, Brent Logan, Don Bergstrom.

2008 Bible Conference: The Attributes of God (CD)


Randy Newcomer, Melvin Daniel, Don Bergstrom, Scott Suttle, Joel Logan, Rob Carlson, Tommy Baucom, J. Bennett Collins, Joe Cammilleri.

2007 Bible Conference: 2 Corinthians 3 (CD)


Brent Logan, Joel Logan, Rick Baker, John O'Brian, Randy Newcomer, Rob Carlson, Paul Hamilton, James W. Knox, Tommy Baucom.

2006 Bible Conference: Philemon (CD)


Joel Logan, Randy Newcomer, Don Bergstrom, Brent Logan, Rick Baker, Rob Carlson, J. Bennett Colling, Melvin Daniel, Tommy Baucom.

2005 Bible Conference: John 18-20 (CD)


Randy Newcomer, Joel Logan, Rob Carlson, Milton Taylor, Melvin Daniel, J. Bennett Colling, Don Bergstrom, Rick Baker, Tommy Baucom.

2004 Bible Conference: Ephesians 2 (CD)


Joel Logan, Tony Finney, Tommy Baucom, Milton Tayler, Melvin Daniel, Rick Baker, Randy Newcomer, Brent Logan, Don Bergstrom.

2003 Bible Conference: Animals (CD)


Rick Baker, Joel Logan, Don Bergstrom, Milton Taylor, Tony Finney, Dean Powers, Melvin Daniel, Tommy Baucom.

2002 Bible Conference: Romans 5 (CD)


Joel Logan, Walter Johnson, Rick Baker, Don Bergstrom, Brent Logan, Tony Finney.

2001 Bible Conference: Isaiah 53 (CD)


Brent Logan, Melvin Daniel, Everett Cooper, Don Bergstrom, Ed Bullock, Milton Tayler.

2000 Bible Conference: Hebrews 12 (CD)


Melvin Daniel, Joel Logan, Milton Taylor, Tommy Baucom, Ed Bullock, Brent Logan.