Survey of The Bible (CD)


Fifty radio programs presenting the theme, highlights, key words and doctrines of every book in the Bible. New Testament Survey 142-53 Old Testament Survey 347-59

Take A Stand (CD)


Twenty messages refuting false doctrines. Strange Fire 1441 The Baptism of The Spirit 1514 More Powerful than the Bible 1516 Three Measures of Leaven 1522 The Great Deception 1542 God’s...

Victorious Christian Living (CD)


Forty-four sermons showing how to maintain the triumphant life Jesus intends for His saints. Sound Doctrine  2015-01-04  Sound Doctrine  2015-01-04 pm Sound Doctrine  2015-01-11   Sound Doctrine  2015-01-11 pm   David In...

Victory, Vol. 1 (CD)


Twenty sermons on overcoming setbacks and hardships encountered along the road to glory. The Worth of A Christian 1403 Courage 1432 God’s Purpose in Us 1460 Philippians 4:13 1498 Destroying...

Victory, Vol. 2 (CD)


Twenty messages on overcoming setbacks and hardships encountered along the road to glory. A Little Strength 1 & 2 1705-06 Let Shimei Curse 1708 Loneliness 1727 When God Won't Answer...

Water Miracles (CD)


Nearly forty events in the word of God speak of the miraculous use of water. This is a very joy-filled study as Brother James examines these displays of the Lord’s...

What THE BIBLE says about Finance (CD)


A thorough examination of what the word of God says regarding how to properly acquire money, how to properly spend money, how to avoid debt, how to escape debt, which...

Wonders of the Word (CD)


Twenty sermons on curious and unusual doctrines. Looking for downloadable versions of this CD? You can purchase individual tracks or the entire CD in downloadable MP3 format. Time Travel 1409 What Jesus...

The Bible and Mental Health (CD)


Eight messages dealing with what The Bible says about mental health. Preached in 2017.