Tire Tracks - True Stories of Childhood, Adventure, Exploration

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These are tales about what it means to learn of life and death and trust and companionship, as seen through the eyes of two boys, who from the age of six to twelve roamed deep into the woods and waterways, into and out of one wild scrape after another. The project began long ago as a gift to Brother James’ nieces, was set aside for two decades, and reworked and completed in the fall of 2013.

Brother James said, “Everything I have learned in my life about writing is poured forth in this book. Some will be disappointed that it is not a commentary or exposition, but I believe that all who read it will enjoy it greatly, and will glean the intended lessons therefrom.”

Whether this is a children’s book for adults or an adult's book for children is hard to say, but we assure you this trip into a time when the land was free and boys were safe to explore it will be a welcome escape in these troubled times.


Foreword 1 (Wanda Knox)
Foreword 2 (Linda Reader)
Hornet Attack Near Tarpon Bay
The First Campout
Giant Booms on the Deer Hawk Trail
The Fire at the Berlin Wall
A Running Ghost
The Snake Bird or The Bird Snake
The Grave
Guardian Spiders and Wolf Dogs
The Boy Who Disappeared
Close Encounter at the Witches’ House
Two If By Sea
Into the Swamps
Midnight Train to Eternity
Return to the Grave
The Apollo 15 Fire
Mafia Headquarters
Rains and Forts
A Week in the Northwest Territory
The Witches’ House Burns Down
Rowing to the Ocean
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