The Humanity of Christ

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With clarity and close attention to detail Brother James takes the reader through the many fascinating doctrinal and spiritual wonders connected with the Son of God becoming the Son of Man. While it is both proper and necessary to hold fast to the truth of the deity of Jesus Christ, this is often done to the neglect of the many rich blessings to be found in the study of our Lord’s humanity. You will be greatly blessed as you read and learn about the great mystery of godliness – God was manifest in the flesh.

Table of Contents
Justified in the Spirit
The Virgin Birth
The Son of Man Dies in Glory
The Ascension of Jesus
Our Daysman
Our High Priest
God Experiences Human Life
What Jesus Learned
The Head of the Body
Our Inheritance
New Bodies or Changed Bodies?
What Christ Was Made
How Modern Versions Undermine These Truths
The Son of Man

"Because it is entirely about the Lord Jesus, because it covers topics largely untouched in Bible-believing circles, and because of the understanding of our reconciliation to God resulting from these studies, this is my favorite of the books I have written."
Brother James

162 pages