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This is the downloadable version. Also available as a physical CD copy.

A series of 32 lessons expositing the Book of Daniel verse by verse. Taught by Pastor James W. Knox during services in May through August 2021 at THE BIBLE Baptist Church.

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  1. Purpose in Heart
  2. Serving Under Bad Circumstances
  3. Wise Children
  4. That Troubling Thought
  5. What the Bible Says About Dream
  6. The Great Prophetic Dream
  7. Four Empires and Their End
  8. Counsel and Wisdom
  9. Jesus is the Mighty Stone
  10. An Opposing View of the Four Gentile Powers
  11. How Will All This Madness End?
  12. An Everlasting Kingdom
  13. A Ram and a Goat
  14. The Burning Fiery Furnace
  15. First Look at The Antichrist
  16. The Scripture of Truth
  17. A Man Becomes a Beast
  18. An Exemplary Prayer
  19. The Writing on the Wall
  20. The Key to Understanding Prophecy
  21. Another Look at the 70 Weeks
  22. Daniel in the Lion’s Den
  23. The Dreadful God
  24. The Deep Waters of Daniel 11, Part 1
  25. Jesus in the Lion’s Den
  26. The Deep Waters of Daniel 11, Part 2
  27. Against the God of Gods
  28. The Coming Antichrist
  29. Daniel 12
  30. The Mark of the Beast
  31. What is Happening In Between Earth and Heaven?
  32. And If That Wasn't Strange Enough for You...