That Blessed Hope: Teaching and Defending the Doctrine of the Rapture of the Church

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The purposes for this book are both simple and essential. 

First, it sets forth a most thorough treatment of the Biblical truth regarding the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to take His church to be with Him prior to the unfolding of the time of Jacob’s trouble.

Second, it will serve to restore the faith of some who have been tossed to and fro by the notions of some who falsely allege that those whose sins were fully paid for by the precious blood of Jesus Christ must suffer alongside unbelieving Israel during the last days.

We urge you to make the availability of this book known to others that they might join us as we look for the coming of our Saviour.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Doctrine of the Rapture
  • The Church and the Tribulation
  • The First Resurrection
  • Defining the Great Tribulation
  • The Absence of the Church
  • The Subjects of the Great Tribulation (R. Carlson)
  • The Blessed Hope Pictured in the Old Testament
  • The Church Fathers
  • Arguments Against That Blessed Hope: Introduction
  • Part 1: Chiliasm vs. Pretribulationism, The Revelation of Jesus Christ & The Day of Christ and the Day of the Lord (D. Brown)
  • Part 2: A Quick History of Pretribulationism (J. Cammilleri)
  • Part 3: The Olivet Discourse & The Imminency Doctrine (J. Carson)
  • Part 4: How Non-Chiliasts Misapply Prophecy
  • Part 5: Passages Which Contradict Pretribulationism 1 (J. Wittlin)
  • Part 6: Passages Which Contradict Pretribulationism 2 (W. Shiu)
  • Part 7: Passages Which Contradict Pretribulationism 3 (A. Ray)
  • Part 8: Passages Which Contradict Pretribulationism 4 (T. Fellure)
  • Part 9: The Relocation of the Kingdom of God, The Two Primary Divisions of the Day of the Lord, The Converging Lines of Prophecy, and The Conflagration and the New Creation (B. Logan)
  • Part 10: The Judgment Seat of Christ (D. Stauffer)
  • Part 11: The Postponement of the Kingdom (C. Riley)