Wonders of the Word (CD)

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Twenty sermons on curious and unusual doctrines.

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Time Travel 1409
What Jesus Learned 1406
The Upper and Nether Springs 1475
Roll the Dice 1492
What About the Heathen? 1504
Jabin – Type of Satan 1583
God’s Secrets 1617
The Transfiguration 1648
The Maschil Psalms 1652
Passover vs. The Lord’s Supper 1653
The Bible Definition of the Heart 1657
Angelic Intervention 1673
Lucky Thirteen 1675
The Four & Twenty Elders 1703
The Flying Ark 1712
How God Uses Satan 1760
Candles & White Stones 1764
Giants in the Earth 1792
Jephthae’s Evil Vow 1503
The Imagination 1421