The Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Vol. 2 (CD)

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Twenty messages exalting the Son of God.

Jesus’ Activities From Death to Rising 1724 The Birth of Jesus 1732 What Christ’s Death Means Today 1740 Seven Birds and Jesus 1743 What Christ Was Made 1797 Christ’s Eternal Glory/Thomas 0003 Ascent of the King 0007 Repentance/Jesus is God 0008 Behold the Christ 0009 Men Torture Jesus 0010 Jesus and Abel 0011 The Humility of Jesus 0013 The Bread of Life 0040 Jesus as Prophet and King 0071 Sixteen Reasons For Christ’s First Coming 0073 Gethsemane (Jesus Made Sin) 0333-35 The Staves in the Ark 1424 The Mystery of Godliness 0021