The Bible and Social Issues (CD)

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Twenty-seven sermons and radio lessons dealing with the sins of our nation and its leaders.

1614 Pathetic America
1734 AIDS
1737 America’s Christian Heritage
1779 Response to 9/11/01 Attack
1811 Bill Clinton, America’s Choice
1812 If I Preached John F. Kennedy Jr’s Funeral
1813 The Bible and Mental Health
1814 Response to the Space Shuttle Crash
1815 In the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
0900 The History & Goals of Planned Parenthood
0901 David Koresh & The Branch Davidians
0902-03 The Truth About South Africa
0904 The Truth About Martin Luther King, Jr.
0905-06 Abortion
0907 The Bible & Racism
Christianity vs. Psychology 1-10 0317-321