Salvation Sermons, Vol. 2 (CD)

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There are countless ways to present the Gospel. Here are twenty more messages on the subject.

Jesus Rebukes Nazareth 1580
The Saving Name 1587
The Spirit & The Bride Say Come 1590
The Ethiopian Eunuch 1592
The Faith Of Abraham 1616
The Plain Gospel 1618
The Greatest Sin 1620
Heaven or Hell 1625
The Only Way 1658
Saved Like the Devil 1662
Why Wait to Die? 1669
The Dying Thief 1679
As Clear As I Can Make It 1774
Three Different Conversions 1782
But Jesus Passed By 1793
The City of Refuge 1796
I Have Found A Ransom 1802
Year End Message 0038
What Will You Do With Jesus? 0062
Darkness to Light 0099