Prophecy, Vol. 1 (CD)

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Twenty sermons on matters relating to the last days.

Every Eye Shall See Him 1414
Who Is on the Horses? 1471
Heads Will Roll 1500
The Mark of the Beast 1526
Will You Rule With Christ? 1630
Signs for the Lord’s Coming 1633
Will Some Christians Miss the Kingdom? 1634
Moving Day 1661
The First Resurrection 1691
Defining the Great Tribulation 1695
The Absence of The Church 1697
World Religion During the Tribulation 1701
Meanwhile, Up in Heaven 1709
A Nation is Born 1710
Three Raptures 1713
Intro to the Millennium 1714
Satan’s Final Defeat 1720
The Former & Latter Rain 1725
The Great Earthquake 1800
Recognition in Heaven 0028