KJV Issues, Vol. 3 (CD)

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Jesus and the Scriptures 1-4 0184-87
1024-026 THE NIV 1-6 Solid, sensible proof that this book is not the word of God, A must for those who have tested NIV Positive.
1027 The New American Standard Version
01028 Mastering Elizabethan English
1029 Answering a College Professor - It seems there was a debate between a pastor and a college professor over the authority of the KJV. The pastor sent the professor’s arguments to Bro. James and asked for help. Here is the reply. Fun for the whole family.
1030 The Glory of the Bible
1031 The Preservation of the Hebrew Text
1032 KJV Translators / The Sanhedrin
1033 Introduction to Manuscript Evidence
1626 Starving For The Word