Church Life (CD)

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Thirty two messages dealing with the role, the purpose, and the operation of The Church.

What is The Church?
The Church Universal and Local
Three Pictures of The Church
The Head of The Church
The Purpose of The Church
The Purpose of The Church Worship and Group Prayer
Spiritual Gifts (2 parts)
Youth Work (David Brown)
Legal Issues
Church Leadership
Church and World Missions (2 parts)
Church Discipline
Church and Evangelism
Hurtful and Helpful People
Some Helpful Advice
Church Finance
A Good Church Members Characteristics
Misc. Church
An Ideal Church Member (2 parts)
Why We Do What We Do
History of THE BIBLE Baptist Church of DeLand (1993)
Good Church vs. Great Church
Giving vs. Tithing (2 parts)
Women in The Church
How to Greet Visitors (2 parts)