2017 Bible Conference: The Well-Dressed Christian (CD)

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Sermon Recordings from THE BIBLE Baptist Church 2017 Bible Conference
“The Well-Dressed Christian”
January 25-27, 2017

  1. 01-25-2017A Joe Cammilleri
    Thou mayest be Clothed
  2. 01-25-2017B Rick Baker
    Put on Mercies
  3. 01-25-2017C Brent Logan
    Put on Meekness
  4. 01-25-2017D Paul Hamilton
    Put on Christ (in salvation)
  5. 01-25-2017E Andrew Ray
    Put on Christ (in sanctification)
  6. 01-26-2017A Brent Logan
    Put on the New Man in Righteousness and True Holiness
  7. 01-26-2017B Jim Alter
    Put on the New Man, Renewed in Knowledge after His Image
  8. 01-26-2017C Paul Hamilton
    Put on the Armor of Light, Whole Armor of God
  9. 01-26-2017D Lee Cadenhead
    Put on Kindness
  10. 01-26-2017E Joe Cammilleri
    Put on Humbleness of Mind, Clothed with Humility
  11. 01-27-2017A Rick Baker
    Adorn with Modest Apparel
  12. 01-27-2017B Andrew Ray
    Adorn the doctrine of God
  13. 01-27-2017C Lee Cadenhead
    Put on Longsuffering
  14. 01-27-2017D Jim Alter
    Put on Charity
  15. 01-27-2017E Brent Logan
    Put on Incorruption and Immortality.