SPANISH VERSION - The Essence of Christianity Booklet Tract (Package of 200)

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Esencia de la Cristiandad  Package of 200 booklets. This includes Free Shipping. (Previously available in qty. of 100, but increased to 200 to reduce total shipping cost)

The Essence of Christianity booklet is the transcript of a sermon by Brother James, given on 11/30/2008. The booklet is 16 pages in length. We had these printed for a project where we will deliver one to each household in our town. Other churches and individuals have been requesting these for similar projects in their own town. The entire booklet can be seen and downloaded from this web page so you can print your own, if you want. You will also find a high-resolution image of the cover art.

We also have a "holiday season" version that has a different cover on it, making distribution much more effective at public events in November and December. The "holiday season" version will only be shown here when available (we have them printed up on a seasonal basis).