Overcoming (Music CD)

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Track List
  1. Dead End Road [4:32]
  2. Be Not Afraid [5:16]
  3. Only Christ [2:38]
  4. After All The Times (slow) [7:18]
  5. Jesus the Lord [2:53]
  6. There’s A Way [2:41]
  7. Roll Call of Faith [3:55]
  8. Where Did Joseph Go? [2:59]
  9. It’s A Sad, Sad World [3:07]
  10. Will You Remember Me? [3:31]
  11. After All the Times (fast) [3:05]
  12. Just As Soon [3:56]
  13. If Forever Wasn’t Such a Long, Long Time [3:59]


Blake Muscott: Guitars, Mandolin, Dobro, Banjo, Backing Vocals
Lauren Wilson: Violin
Kyle Hillman: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Casey Harr: Producer, Engineer, Backing Vocals
Danielle Thoma: Cello
Lilian Knox: Arrangements and Backing Vocals
James Knox: Vocals