Fascinating Truths

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Agreed, that is a bold title, but the topics here, diligently researched and clearly expounded from the word of God will captivate the inquisitive reader. Covered in this book are Jesus’ Activities from His death to His resurrection, Satan’s age long efforts to destroy the Hebrews, giants in the earth, the continental drift, judging others, does God really know everything?, how America has won the wars but lost the peace, the location of Jesus’ throne, dreams, what becomes of those who never hear the gospel.

Chapter titles are:

  • Jesus’ Activities From Death To Rising
  • The Serpent Seeks The Seed
  • Giants In The Earth
  • The Continental Drift
  • On Judging Others
  • Does God Really Know Everything?
  • A Different Kind Of Ruler
  • Where Is Jesus’ Throne?
  • Dreams
  • What About The Heathen?

A fun and fact-filled book. (198 pages)