Bright Arrows (Music CD)

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This is the album that was brought to the birth but could not be delivered. I recorded the rhythm and timing tracks for this collection with Charlie McEntyre in Mt. Airy, North Carolina in the spring of 2005. Life got in the way and the project was set aside for a year. In the spring of 2007 the work was taken up again with Lilian and Stephanie tackling the job of translating what I was hearing to diverse instruments and harmonies and Casey Harr bringing his love for these songs and considerable talents to the table.

Then the work came to a halt once again when a mysterious affliction left Casey unable to play his guitars. The songs were finally finished in December. Knowing that we had come very, very close to getting a great album tracked, Casey labored for months to get just the right mix on each song.   

On this recording we have come as close as our limited skills, restricted schedules and audience convictions will allow to reproducing these songs as I heard them when they were given to me.

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Track List
  1. Any Old Bush Will Do [4:24]
  2. Will It Stand? [3:42]
  3. All of My Days [4:10]
  4. Law to Grace [3:35]
  5. Tell Me You Love Me Again [6:30]
  6. I Wonder Why [4:09]
  7. How Hard The Heart of Man Has Grown [7:08]
  8. Let it Go [5:16]
  9. One More Test [4:01]
  10. The Secret Closet [4:49]
  11. The Eyes of Jesus [3:52]
  12. For All the Young Girls [4:49]
  13. Isaiah 53 [7:34]