Avenue Hotel (MP3 Download) - Full Album/Individual Tracks

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Downloadable version of Avenue Hotel—a music CD by James W Knox. It contains fourteen original songs and is produced by Casey Harr.
Track List
  1. Woman at the Well [3:23]
  2. You Better Be Right [3:13]
  3. Hope for You and Me [3:57]
  4. Precious Blood [3:59]
  5. Jesus Waits to Save You [5:35]
  6. He That Winneth Souls [4:09]
  7. Come Judgement Day [3:40]
  8. Jesus Will Never Leave You [4:55]
  9. Avenue Hotel [7:40]
  10. Clinging to My God [6:45]
  11. Downtown Tomorrow [5:05]
  12. How She Feels (Suicide of a Saint) [5:18]
  13. I Want to Be Filled [5:04]
  14. All's Quiet Along the Big Alley Tonight [2:51]

About the Album

Every town has its Avenue Hotel; the place where the kids and those unaware their primes have passed go to hang out and hope something worth happening will finally happen. Some towns are blessed to have someone outside these dungeons of delusion proclaiming the gospel.

Each of these songs was written for or about a specific person when recalling an encounter in front of one such place or another. How many times the good seed o the word of God has been sown on such rocky soil, only the Lord knows. How many of those efforts have eventually brought forth life, the day shall declare. What is certain is that the only hope for those in darkness is for someone to enter that realm and shine the gospel light.

When I began the work of proclaiming the good news, I had no idea how young I really was, nor could I know the untold sorrow that would grow in my soul from watching multitudes scorn the One who could save them. Nor did I know how their faces and their words would abide with me, and how many times I would recall the few moments I had to tell them of Jesus.

The boy on the back cover of this CD was so sure. The young man in the inside cover was so determined. The man on the front cover looks back upon it all, oft replaying victories and defeats, hoping someone from those former days is coming along at last.

These are songs about men and women who have nothing worth giving up most of whom cling to their emptiness and will not believe. These songs tell of the longing of one heart to somehow have more of God's love & power so that the next night’s witness will be the one that brings some poor sinner to their Savior.

Avenue Hotel
©2012 James W. Knox. All Rights Reserved

The Musicians:
James W. Knox
Jed Carson
Levi Leuck
Casey Harr
Lilian Knox

All songs written by James W. Knox
Produced by Casey Harr