All That Remains (Music CD)

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For our second CD we tried to expand the sound. Ed and Charlie were back with their guitars. Lilian did some work with her mandolin. Bryan Reese added some fine bass lines and we had some singing girls work in harmonies. As it turned out, we tried to do more than our limited time in the studio allowed. The results were some very good songs, and some which were obviously left in various stages of completion.

Ed Billock recorded and produced the record in beautiful Shaelocta, Pennsylvania over five long, cold and snowy days in February, 2002. This project was aimed at Christians. We sought to use songs from my collection that would edify and uplift them while magnifying the Lord Jesus.

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Track List
  1. Hanging on a Tree [5:07]
  2. Come Away [3:04]
  3. Jesus Wonderful Friend [7:02]
  4. The Empty Tomb [5:08]
  5. When The Clouds All Roll Away [3:04]
  6. Now Every Day Is Worth Living [4:05]
  7. Thank You Lord [4:08]
  8. Peace In The Valley [6:20]
  9. Thy Word Have I Hid [3:34]
  10. The End of The World [6:33]
  11. I Call Him Holy [6:33]