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This recording features a collection of some of the best folk tunes of the past 1,000 years, given new life through lyrics which tell the story of the New Testament. For song histories and lyrics, visit


Andy Leftwich: Guitar, Mandolin, Violin
Travis Alltop: Guitar
Blake Muscott: Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro
Caleb Wilson: Guitar, Bass, Banjo
Lauren Kirwan: Violin
Rebekah Thoma: Tin Whistle
James W. Knox: Vocals

Backing Vocals
Melody Summers, Lauren Kirwan, Christianne Wilson, Emily Wilson, Katherine Wilson, Todd Jenson, Jacob Jenson, Michael Mark, Caleb Wilson, Blake Muscott

Produced by Andy Leftwich and Casey Harr

Track List

  1. Emmanuel [6:42]
  2. John The Baptist [3:48]
  3. Got to Tell [4:43]
  4. Raising Lazarus [3:39]
  5. Only a Leper [3:29]
  6. Midnight in the Garden [4:03]
  7. The Streets of Jerusalem [4:29]
  8. He Died of Love [3:26]
  9. Adoration [3:43]
  10. The Rapture [5:00]
  11. Hard Times [5:51]
  12. To Wash Away Our Sins [3:22]
  13. Around Your Throne [8:11]
  14. Go Christian, Go [6:17]

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